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Dongguan City Xinhe Heat Transfer Materials Co.,ltd
Dongguan City Xinhe Heat Transfer Materials Co.,ltd The best quality heat transfer PET films and service can be offered ! Tel: 0086-131-2500-3813 Email:
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Dongguan City Xinhe Heat Transfer Materials Co.,ltd

Dongguan City Xinhe Heat Transfer Materials Co.,ltd

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Xinhe has 14 years of r&d experiences since it was established in 2006.we have more than 13 heat transfer film models with mature technology today.The main products we can offer are: Hot peel(Cold peel,Cold and Hot peel) / Matte finish(Glossy finsih) / Screen printing(Offset printing,Digital printing) heat transfer release film,heat transfer paper,silicone film,reflective film,sublimation ink,and heat press. Xinhe has also achieved the OEkO-TEX certification and MSDS in June,2017,which is the recognition of our products.


There are 3 coating machines in our workshop,the average volume of heat transfer films we produce is about 100,000 sheets per day.the production lines are busy all day to meet the demands of customers from all over the world.


By the way,pls kindly check the video of Xinhe in YouTube,it's a more visible way to see us.


And you are sincerely welcomed to visit us in Dongguan city during your coming business trip,hope we can have a further discussion. -Heat transfe PET film


-Heat transfe PET film





Part Two: Xinhe's product list here for your reference

Just tell us the item no. of the heat transfe films and heat transfe papers you are interested and we will quote with the best price.



Part Three: More details about our heat transfer PET films

Heat transfe PET film's APPLICATIONS:
1. Printing types: screen printing -
Heat transfe PET film
2. Image type: wash label, neck label, decoration label, main label etc -Heat transfe PET film
3. Printing inks: oil based ink, water based ink, plastisol ink, hotmelt glue/adhesive, hot melt powder -Heat transfe PET film
4. Printing Equipment: automatic printing machine, semi automatic machine, roll to roll jumbos machine -Heat transfe PET film
5. Applicable heat transfer materials: cottons, chemical fiber, cotton blend fabrics, EVA, non-woven fabrics, leather, and other heat resistant fabrics. -Heat transfe PET film

Heat transfe PET film's PARAMETERS:
1. Thickness: 75um, 100um; -
Heat transfe PET film
2. Size information: 39×54cm, 64×48cm, 50×70cm or as per customer requirements; -Heat transfe PET film
3. Heat transfer temperature: 160 degrees or depending on the melting point of adhesives or hot melt powders used; -Heat transfe PET film
4. Heat transfer time: 12 seconds -Heat transfe PET film

Heat transfe PET film's OUTSTANDING POINTS:
1. Use top quality base film, dimensional stablized, minimum shrinkage, 180C, 1 minutes heat, shrink 2~3mm. -
Heat transfe PET film
2. Excellent printing result, we have special coating to make maximum ink absord on the film; -Heat transfe PET film
3. Scratch resistance, coating material will not easy scratch off the film, after transfer, coating will not transfer to the fabric; -Heat transfe PET film
4. Excellent printing result, we make special coating material to help to maximum ink absord, ink fastness is good after transfer; -Heat transfe PET film
5. Professional and experience sales guide, we can provide printing technical guidance, we can help with problems happens during the printing process; -Heat transfe PET film
6. OEKO TEX certified, Appendix 4, class II. -Heat transfe PET film
7. Strict quality control system, before every shipment, we tested size stablized after 180C, 1 min; release figure, thickness after coating,coating eveness, matt degree, simple printing test or follow customer request.-Heat transfe PET film

Part Four : OEKO-TEX Certificaite 2019 & Inspection report of XINHE's heat transfer release films. --Heat transfe PET film




Dongguan Xinhe Heat Transfer Materials Co., Limited
Add:Room 54,Eleven Road,Longyan Industrial Zone Humen Town,Dongguan City, China
                  Heat Transfer PET Films Inspection report
                                                                                                        Jan. 10.2020
                                                  Inspection Content
Item No. &
Cold Peel Matte Finish Heat Transfer PET Films
48 x 64 cm, 75 micron - 50,000 sheets
Inspection ItemsInspection MethodInspection ResultsJudgment
Thickness of
the finished films
Thickness Instruments77 micron, 78 micron,
78 micron, 78 micron, 78 micron
Matte DegreeGlossiness Instrument1.5, 1.9, 1.5, 1.8, 1.9,ok
Thermal ShrinkageDrying box
(180ºC / 1min)
48.20 × 63.60 cm, 48.20 × 63.60 cm,
48.20 × 63.65 cm, 48.20 × 63.65 cm,
48.20 × 63.60 cm
Static Electricity ValueResistance Tester109.1ohm, 109.2ohm, 109.2ohm,
109.1ohm, 109.2ohm,
AppearanceThe release agent coating shall be uniform. and there shall be no pattern and scratch, etccomply with requestok
The surface of the films shall be free of dirt and white powders.comply with requestok
No ruffles, no joints or damages on the film.comply with requestok
Release forceTension Test(N),
Testing Speed:300.000mm / min
Averge release force
2.9N, 3.5N, 2.8N, 2.7N, 3.0N.
Inspector: Hang Nie Auditor: Longhua Hu( the factory director)

-Heat transfe PET film


Dongguan Xinhe Heat Transfer Materials Co., Limited
Add:Room 54,Eleven Road,Longyan Industrial Zone Humen Town,Dongguan City, China


                                     Technical Data

Item No.: SC-819
Specification: Cold Peel Matte Finish Heat Transfer PET Films, in size 48 x 64 cm, 75 micron.

Remarks: Suitable for offset printing and screen printing,color bright and no sand hole, good separation effect and no bite color,hot stamping temperature of 140 degrees, and only need 15 seconds, antistatic treatment on the back.

PROPERTYUnitMethodValue 75u
Coating weightg/sqmInternal10.0±1
Tensile strength(md)MpaASTM D 882> 150
Tensile strength(td)MPaASTM D 882> 150
Elongation at break(md)%ASTM D 882> 80
Elongation at break(td)%ASTM D 882> 70
Opacity%ASTM D 882<15
Release forceNInternal< 3


ASTM D 1204

< 0.5


ASTM D 1204

< 0.5
(antistatic side)
%ASTM D 257< 1010


The above information is given in good faith and is generally reliable. However,the customer will have to examine the suitability of the film for individual application, Hence no general or particular warranty for the applications fo the film is offered by us. -Heat transfe PET film

The above information is liable to change due to innovation and improvement in the manufacturing process.We assume no liability for any infringement of any patent,copyright or design on the part of the customer while exploiting the filmfor different end-uses. -Heat transfe PET film

Part Five : Packages and shipping of XINHE'S heat transfer PET films. -Heat transfe PET film

Finally, Dongguan City Xinhe Transfer Materials Co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer of various heat transfer PET film,flocking film,Reflective Film,Lettering Film,Silicone Film,Digital Film. We always put quality first, pursue excellent ideas, and pay close attention to internal management and after-sales service. Xinhe is the only one enterprise which produces and markets products by oneself, with faster development, the best service and the most competitive price. Now with the help of clients around the world, Xinhe becomes the leader in the industry. -
Heat transfe PET film

Facing the fierce market competition, labor shortage, and the difficulty in the management of personnel issues, our company always thinks of customers' need. Our company has received a number of patents. We improve customer product level and reduce customer cost of the production. We use good technology to solve the problems in the production process and try to achieve the first goal of forming good relationships with domestic customers.-Heat transfe PET film


And I am Echo who have been working in the field of heat transfer PET films for over 5 years. If you have any questions about heat transfer films & papers, feel free to call us, we'd like to help. thank you.

Dongguan City Xinhe Heat Transfer Materials Co.,ltd
Company Add: No.54,11 Road,Longyan Industrial Zone,Humen Town,Dongguan City,China


Tel: 0086-131-2500-3813

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